Step by step process - One point perspective view.

Exterior space - Here are few elements which can be added before drawing a view. A. Street B. Buildings

C. Colours

D. Composition E. Human figures

F. Landscape

G. Textures, materials

Step 1 - Composition

A rough pencil sketch -Choosing a composition is a crucial part before turning the sketch into final product

I have divided two different parts of the buildings using street.

Step 2 - Adding Architectural elements and landscape

Using 1.5 fixed width pen-Adding different kinds of architectural elements for example Roof, windows, Decks helps in creating a better and balanced composition.

Step 3 - Colouring

Diving colours in different levels, darker shade at inner surfaces and hence lighter shades at outer surface helps to create a depth.

Step 4 - Rendering

Using 1.2 fixed width pen-Addition of Textures and materials wherever required.

Step 5 - Shadows + Human figures

Adding shadows helps to create a realistic kind of view in the sketch.

Human figures which helps to give a sense ofscale and proportion.


One important tip i would like to share if you want to create from your imagination is-

Start practicing daily! You dont have to be perfect in this process of creating. Start with a basic rough or a conceptual sketch first, draw in layers, keep your sketching materials handy and start observing things.

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