How to get better at Architectural sketching

  1. Start from the beginning - The beginner must not try to rush ahead too fast or jump directly on next step. As an Architect or designer you must be able to extend your limits by showing or presenting your ideas by drawing long, bold and confident strokes.

  2. How to hold the pen? - Try to hold the pen naturally, much the same as for writing. You may discover many techniques further while practicing.

  3. Helpful Exercises - There are many different exercises before rendering an Architectural view or building, for example - 90 degree angle lines, 45 degree angle lines, hatching, cross hatching, dot and dash lines, etc.

Don't rush! Try to draw each line a thing of real feeling and beauty.


Level 01


Exercise A - Horizontal even pressure lines in a rectangular box.

Exercise B - Vertical even pressure lines.

Exercise C - Even pressure lines at 45 degree angle.

Exercise D - Even pressure lines at 45 degree angle opposite to the exercise C.


Exercise E - Horizontal irregular lines.

Exercise F - Vertical irregular lines.

Exercise G - Irregular lines at 45 degree angle.

Exercise H - Irregular lines at 45 degree angle opposite to the exercise G.

Part 03

Don't draw boxes in these exercises. Draw vertical and horizontal guidelines using pencil as shown in the above image.

Exercise I - Horizontal irregular lines.

Exercise J - Dash and dot horizontal lines.

Exercise K - (Double horizontal lines) Discover your own style of drawing lines and practice.

Exercise L - (Horizontal lines) Measure off even spaces and mark them in pencil with a dot and hence connect these dots by eye with your pen.

Exercise M - Opposite to the exercise I.

Exercise N - Try different types of lines for example wavy lines, circle and line, dash line, dot line, etc.

Level 02

More examples showing different types of lines and cross hatching. Exercise different pattern to improve your confidence while sketching or rendering.

Another exercise is to draw quickly with freedom -

Example sketches you can achieve by practicing -

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