Exterior design - Step by step process to design a house.

Want to create eye catchy and better building exterior?

Here are some few design tips and ideas you can apply!

Let's consider a small residential house with-(1 pool and 1 garage).

Finding form (From a single base volume).

Crucial and the most applied technique before articulating or adding elements in a building is finding a form which is both functional as well as good looking! In relation to the site and environment, building must look appropriate.

STEP 1 - Single volume

STEP 2 - Carving the base volume

STEP 3 - Using cantilever shading to connect two different volumes

STEP 4 - Extruding the volume (Addition of another single volume)

STEP 5 - Adding railings and terrace

STEP 6 - Hence adding design elements such as Stuck out elements, windows, Compound wall, entry pathways, Gate for carport, Welcoming Landing and staircase in front of an entrance.

Step 7 - Adding nomenclature to understand the design

Mistakes to avoid while decorating the facade -

Get good at architectural sketching!

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