How to draw one point perspective city

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

One point perspective components-

  1. One Horizon line

  2. One Vanishing point

  3. Guidelines to draw buildings,objects and landscape

Step 1- Composition

(draw using pencil)

Sketch a vertical line which will be used as a composition ,it creates a visual interest and gives a sense of proportion.

Drawing in composition is a key to enhance the one point perspective view.

Step 2-

(draw using pencil)

Start sketching the main subject.

The main focus here are on buildings.

Always keep horizontal lines parallel to horizon line if the building is in rectangular shape as shown.

Add surroundings for example - Street.

The street is drawn to the left of a vertical composition line.

Step 3-

(draw using pencil)

Use faint lineweight to draw these guidelines.

The guidelines are used to draw buildings as shown.

Step 4-

(Now you can use pen)

Draw surroundings - trees, fence as shown.

You can erase guidelines after sketching the view.

Step 5-

Draw details in all the buildings.

Details including - Entrance way for each building, windows, roof, etc.

Step 6-

Add human figures for scale and proportion.

Sketch different types of human figures, different position, different height.

Step 7-

Render ground, sky and trees as shown.

Apply lineweight on the buildings.

Step 8-

In this step add finishing touches by rendering shadows in each of the elements to make the view more realistic.

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